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Assistance in securing work and residence permits for foreigners

HBL > Assistance in securing work and residence permits for foreigners

HLB T&M Consulting company offers to its client’s services of business advising, which includes proficient help and support in employing foreigners. These services are related to submitting applications for getting residence and work permits for foreigners who want to get a job in Serbia. Our proficient business consultations are directed to giving the best possible advice from areas of accounting and law and they are related to doing administrative tasks around submitting the application for issuing required visas for foreigners in Serbia.

In relation to its associates, no matter whether it is domestic companies that want to employ a foreigner or a foreign company that wants to expand its business and start a new company in Serbia, clients’ satisfaction is always in the first place.


We are specialized in all kinds of businesses related to company registration and finishing accompanying administrative tasks with legal employment and self-employment of foreigners. Our team consists of experienced experts with multi-annual experience in accounting and services to domestic and foreign clients.

The tasks we do related to employing foreigners:

  • Submitting the application for getting the residence permit,
  • Submitting the application for issuing the personal work permit,
  • Submitting the application for issuing the work permit,
  • Submitting the application for issuing the work permits for special cases of employment,
  • Submitting the application for issuing the work permit for self-employment.


The first step: getting the residence permit in Serbia


A foreign citizen who resides in Serbia must report his residence on a certain address in 24 hours. If he wants to get a job in Serbia, he must have a work permit and he can get it only if he meets all the conditions. One of the conditions is a residence permit or an approval for foreigners residing in Serbia.

HLB T&M Consulting team of experts offers services of submitting the application for getting the residence permit. Besides that we prevent administrative mistakes, we participate in the correct interpretation of law rules and regulations.

The services we offer which are related to residence permits:

  • Reporting foreigner’s residence,
  • Submitting the application for getting the residence permit,
  • Submitting the application for temporary residence,
  • Submitting the application for extending the foreigner’s residence,
  • Filling the forms, preparing and attaching the documentation necessary for getting the residence permit.


The second step: getting the work permit for foreigners


When a foreign citizen wants to get a job in the Republic of Serbia, he must submit the application for getting a personal work permit. The personal work permit is related to foreigner’s personal status and it is necessary for employment, self-employment and the realization of the legal rights of foreigners in case of unemployment.

The work permit is a document issued by the National employment service. This document gives permits foreigners to find a job in Serbia. The application for issuing the work permit is submitted to the National employment service.


Our agency offers the services of submitting the applications for foreigners, in accordance with procedures and legally set deadlines.

The work permit is not related to foreigner’s personal status. The work permit is issued for :

  • Employment,
  • The special cases of employment,
  • For self-employment


1. The work permits for employing the foreigners in legal persons from Serbia


In order to get the right to employment in Serbia, a foreigner must submit the employment application. According to the Law, this application is submitted by the employer or legal person who wants to hire a foreigner.

HLB T&M Consulting offers legal and consultive help to legal persons during the process of getting the work permit for employment of foreign citizens and submits the application for getting the work permit.

The legal help for getting the work permit includes:

  • Submitting the application to the NES about stating the process of work-market testing (which is obligatory if the employer wants to hire a foreign and not a domestic citizen)
  • Attaches the report based on work market testing created by the NES,
  • Submits the application for issuing the work permit in 15 days,
  • Attaches and delivers the documentation about the permanent residence, together with the proof of paying administrative taxes,
  • Explain all the conditions, limitations and commitments according to the Law,
  • Attaches and prepares the documentation, as well as the Labour contract (or some other contract between the employer and the foreigner.


After getting the work permit, we offer these services to our clients:

  • Applying the foreigner to mandatory social insurance,
  • The calculation of salary and taxes and contributions on mandatory social insurance,
  • Submitting the tax applied to the authorities,
  • Checking if conditions are met by the employer and the foreigner for getting the work permit for employing the foreigner,
  • The employer has the right to employ a foreigner as a student or a part-time worker. Our services are related to submitting the application for getting the work permit for employing the students and the part-time workers


2. Work permits for self-employment


If a foreigner submits the application, he can get a work permit for self-employment in Serbia. On the other hand, if a foreign citizen is a legal person registered outside Serbia he also has certain rights. In that case, he can expand the range of his business and set up a company in our country. In both cases, the foreign citizen must have a residence permit.


If you need business consultations and help with work permits for self-employment, HLB T&M Consulting offers these services:

  • Submits the applications for company set up to the Business register agency,
  • Offers complete advisory help about setting up the company in a legal deadline,
  • Submits the applications for getting the temporary residence,
  • Submits the applications for extending the temporary residence of foreigners,
  • Submits the applications for getting the work permit for self-employment,
  • Gathers and submits the document about planned activities – the type of job, range, and duration,
  • Gathers the proofs about qualifications and degree od vocational education,
  • Gathers the proofs about ownership or renting of a business premise for company,
  • Prepares the proofs about available equipment,
  • Prepares the statements about the number and the structure of employees.


3. Work permits for the special cases of employment


Foreign citizens who are employed in a foreign company can be transferred to temporary jobs in our country. Also, they can be temporarily transferred to a foreign company’s branch located in Serbia. In both cases, they must have the work permit in order to be legally employed.


HLB T&M Consulting offers services of document preparation and submits the applications for getting the work permits necessary for foreigners’ employment. The application for permits which are submitted are:

  • The work permits for expatriate persons,
  • The work permits for moving within the foreign company,
  • The work permits for independent professionals,
  • The work permits for qualifying and developing.


Get in touch with us for support related to the work and residence permits


HLB T&M Consulting company provides the best possible support both to domestic employers who want to employ foreign citizens and to foreign clients when it comes to setting up a company and employing a worker. We offer services of a fast and reliable company registering in Serbia and other services related to company registration. We offer proficient and professional help with the company’s set up, not just for the clients from Serbia, but also for the foreign clients.

We are at your disposal for any questions and doubts related to work and residence permits. In order for the process to be in accordance with the law, you can contact our advisors, make an appointment and ensure the quality of our services.