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Bookkeeping outsourcing services in Belgrade


Bookkeeping company HLB T&M Consulting provides its clients with high-quality bookkeeping services and cooperates with a large number of domestic and foreign clients. HLB T&M Consulting provides bookkeeping and financial consulting services, payroll services, business, and legal consulting. We cooperate with small, medium and large companies, as well as start-ups and international companies that perform their business in Serbia.

Our bookkeeping firm from Belgrade offers a wide range of services including advisory and customized financial services aimed at developing and improving your business. These services relate to conducting the analysis, establishing the organization and performing other administrative tasks that are related to the activities of your company.


Scope of basic bookkeeping services


  • Preparation of basic accounting records, keeping business books in accordance with the regulations of the Law on Accounting and Auditing and recording of all financial transactions and accounts,
  • Collecting and registration of all business documents at a monthly level and controlling the correctness of documentation,
  • Processing of the accounting documentation and preparation of the financial reports necessary for the reporting package,
  • Registering the daily transactions in accordance with the accounting principles and regulations of the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, International Accounting and Financial Standards and in accordance with IAS/IFRS,
  • Adjustment of monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets (bank statements, received and issued invoices and all other relevant reports),
  • Keeping a register of fixed assets, registering inventory and financial bookkeeping and monthly aligning of the general ledger with the register,
  • Checking the compliance of the documents and registering transactions in accordance with domestic accounting standards and regulations,
  • Updating and keeping of staff records, calculation of salaries, compensation of salaries and filing of tax return forms for regular taxes and employee contributions.


Additional bookkeeping services


1. Preparation of statutory internal acts and accounting policies


Our services include the following solutions:

  • Preparation of accounting policies in accordance with the law and the IFRS
  • Preparation of the Accounting Regulation in accordance with the Law on Accounting, as well as other internal documents
  • Supporting clients in the selection and implementation of ERP solutions and accounting programs
  • Implementation of the accounts framework and adjustment of cost centers
  • Preparation of the Rules on the census and other documents regarding the census in accordance with the laws.


2. Preparation and submission of the annual financial statement


An integral part of the bookkeeping services is the preparation of the annual financial statement. The bookkeeping agency is obliged to prepare a regular annual financial report after the expiration of the business year and submit it in the electronic form to the Business Registers Agency.

The report is submitted no later than the 28th of February of the current year, for the statistical needs of the Republic of Serbia. A regular financial report for the previous year shall be submitted no later than June 30th of the current year.

The annual financial statement for micro legal entities and entrepreneurs that maintain their books under the dual bookkeeping system includes the preparation of balance sheet, income statement, and statistic report. Large, medium and small legal entities need to include the following with the above mentioned documentation:

  • Cash flow statement,
  • Report on the remaining result,
  • Statement of changes in equity,
  • Notes with the financial statements.


3. Preparation of tax balances and submitting of tax applications


The services of our bookkeeping agency include, in addition to the preparation of regular balance sheet and financial statements, submitting the tax balance, together with the accompanying tax returns:

  • Tax balance,
  • Tax returns APD and PDP,
  • Tax forms: PK, OA, and SU


Administrative – accounting support


The bookkeeping firm HLB T&M Consulting from Belgrade provides a wide range of bookkeeping and administrative support services related to administrative data processing assistance:

  • Assistance and support for payment services,
  • Administrative services connected to a current account with a commercial bank,
  • Preparation of transfer and payment orders, electronic payments, money transfer and other services depending on the needs of clients,
  • Preparation of travel orders for travel expenses,
  • Collecting daily statements from commercial banks,
  • Communication and cooperation with competent authorities, state institutions, and coordination with the banking sector,
  • Other transactions related to monitoring cash flows.


Advantages of our company for bookkeeping services in Belgrade


The bookkeeping outsourcing firm HLB T&M Consulting has a rich experience in providing bookkeeping services, as well as providing business support services to clients from various fields of work. We are recognized as a company with a team of experienced experts who provide professional bookkeeping services.

We also provide assistance in establishing and all necessary changes in the financial and accounting processes. Considering that we cooperate with a large number of clients, you can use our knowledge and experience so that your company is fully aligned with the laws and standards (Law on Accounting, International Accounting Standards, Income Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law, Law on Foreign Exchange Management Law).

HLB T&M Consulting’s team was formed by professional and highly qualified experts, qualified in the field of bookkeeping, with many years of experience in international companies in the field of financial and tax consulting.

Our bookkeeping company is part of the international group of tax and financial advisers HLB International. The group operates in over 140 countries of the world and is positioned among the top twelve largest groups in the world for financial and tax services.