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Payroll outsourcing services

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Payroll outsourcing services


Financial advisory firm HLB T&M Consulting from Belgrade has trained professionals and accountants with long work experience, who are engaged in jobs related to the payroll calculation and are ready to respond to client requests at any given time. We cooperate with our business partners and clients professionally and dedicatedly, and we strive to meet all the requirements and respond with an accurate and proven solution, regardless of the scope and specificity of the request.

Contemporary business conditions create permanent changes and demand compliance with legal regulations in the field of Labor Law, the Law on personal income tax and in the field of the Law on contributions for compulsory social insurance. Great and fast technological advancement and the constant need for updating of the software solutions for calculating payroll, create the need to entrust the services for calculation of payroll to qualified persons and an experienced business partner.

Our bookkeeping firm is specialized in all types of work-related to the calculation of earnings, wages, and other income, as well as all related administrative tasks, including personnel records in accordance with relevant legislation in Serbia. Basic services we provide to clients in this area are:

  • Payroll calculation
  • Personal administration
  • Keeping personnel records
  • Employment of non-residents


1. Complete payroll services


Our payroll calculation process includes:

  • Payroll calculation for employees
  • Calculation of total taxes and contributions (at the expense of the employer and at the expense of the employee),
  • Calculation of salaries (sick leave for up to 30 days, sick leave for more than 30 days, maternity leave, etc.)
  • Other accounts (calculation and business plan for subsidies to the National Employment Service, preparation of forms),
  • Calculation of loan suspension and administrative bans,
  • Calculation of wage suspension, the calculation for incentives or disincentives,
  • Forming and sending electronic payment orders,
  • Creation of electronic tax returns and forms (OD, OPJ, OPJ1 – OPJ8).
  • Submission of signed forms of tax returns to the Tax Administration and the Republic Institute for Social Protection,
  • Recording of the changes in the general ledger, in the analytical records and other business books for bookkeeping,
  • Records of all accounts and payments (M-4 and PPP form, their completion and forwarding to the competent institutions),
  • Preparation and submission of necessary forms to the competent institutions,
  • Calculation of income tax of citizens,
  • An automated process that relates to the import and export of documents, which supports all formats of documentation,
  • Submitting of electronic reports.


2. Personal administration


Within the scope of a business, we provide other administrative services related to the calculation of payroll. Personal administration includes numerous administrative services and jobs in the domain of labor relations, which reduce personnel obligations and costs associated with it while allowing you to effectively and smoothly perform all other activities in your company.

Personal administration services include:

  • Employee registration after the establishment of a working relationship, issuing a decision on termination of employment, as well as the cancellation of employees,
  • Updating health insurance cards and data about insured persons,
  • Recording, storing and archiving contracts and all records of earnings of employees,
  • Preparation of employment contracts (labor regulations), as well as the discontinuation of the employment contract,
  • Calculation of the travel expenses of the employee for a non-taxable amount, as well as for the amount over the non-taxable,
  • Issue of certificates (on employment, amount of income, the total length of service and other certificates),
  • Preparation of decisions (on working hours, on business trips, the decision to change the company’s headquarters, on the right to annual leave, on paid or unpaid leave from work, then the decision on a donation, the decision on payment of severance pay, the decision on sick leave, on maternity leave and many others),
  • Other related administrative services.


3. Managing personal evidence


Administrative keeping of personnel evidence is a time-consuming job, and more and more clients recognize the importance and leave it to professionals. Personnel records include the services of creating contracts for employees and all other personnel records, prepared by experts from the legal department and adjusted according to the predefined client’s requirements.

In addition to regular preparing of the documentation, we also keep records of:

  • Completed employment contracts,
  • Labor contract for pregnant women,
  • Calculation of vacation days, records of used and unused days of annual leave,
  • Decisions on termination of employment contracts,
  • Mutually agreed terms of employment,
  • Termination of the employment contract in accordance with the stated notice period,
  • The expiration of a fixed-term employment contract,
  • Monthly quota records for the employment of persons with disabilities.


4. Employment services for non-residents


HLB T&M Consulting can help you in all the steps related to the employment of non-residents that start to work in Serbia. When it comes to the employment of a foreign citizen, the employer has the opportunity to hire a foreign person, which is regulated by the Law on the employment of foreigners.

In order to compile and simplify all legislative obligations, including tax obligations towards the state, we can offer you services for:

  • Calculation of earnings and all contributions for employees with employers who are not registered with the competent institutions in Serbia,
  • Assistance in drafting the necessary compulsory social insurance contracts, as well as assistance with registering in institutions (with competent bodies for companies whose headquarters are not in Serbia, but outside of it)
  • Preparation and calculation of salaries for foreign citizens (calculation and exemption/exclusion for contributions related to mandatory social insurance in Serbia),
  • Preparation and regulation of work and residence permits for foreign citizens, as well as their families.


Advantages of our company for payroll services in Serbia


Practice and experience represent the biggest advantage of our bookkeeping agency HLB T&M Consulting. In addition to the accurate and fast calculation of earnings, external calculation of earnings has important advantages:

  • The calculation of earnings is performed by a proven team of experts with many years of experience,
  • Efficient process of calculating salaries and all expenses in accordance with the applicable laws
  • Costs for developing and maintaining software for data processing are reduced,
  • An automated payroll calculation process, which is efficiently performed in combination with the knowledge and experience of the experts,
  • Time savings compared to self-calculating wages and compliance with legal changes,
  • No costs for licenses and applications related to the calculation of earnings,
  • Time savings because there is no need for additional learning of the programs for calculating earnings, nor need to learn about the changes or the latest updates of the program,
  • Guaranteed secrecy and data storage,
  • Greater focus on performing business within your company.