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Benefits of Registering a Company Via Virtual Office in Belgrade

Nov 17, 2018

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A virtual office in Serbia is a business concept that doesn’t bind legal persons and companies to business space and a predetermined place of stay. Instead, this model allows the companies to have their registered address (headquarters) and to do their work from any place they want.

Registering the company via the virtual office in Belgrade allows the companies to have a very high level of flexibility, especially for working time organization – it doesn’t bind the companies to work at a registered address.

Many reasons make virtual offices a much better for a company headquarters with rented premises. The first is money saved from rental fees, utility costs, and all other expenses connected to the business.

For example, if the owner wants to use virtual office services after starting up a company in Belgrade and then registers on the desired address, they can use that address as their own and as a relevant one for receiving mail. Virtual offices are usually placed in the city’s most prestigious and attractive locations.

In addition, there are plenty of other possibilities for companies that satisfy all the professional needs of a serious business company.


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Another advantage of a bookkeeping agency and a company sharing an address is that, in the case of tax control, tax inspectors will come to the official address of the company and the address of bookkeepers and tax advisers responsible for the cooperation with the inspectors.


Virtual Office Services


Some of the possibilities that companies can get for using virtual offices are:

  • A registered headquarters and a business address,
  • Administrative support,
  • A mailbox and an email address,
  • Mail receiving and correspondence businesses,
  • Landline, call answering and operator for information giving,
  • Other administrative services.

The virtual office renting process does not last long; it’s completed quickly and without additional requests, compared to procedures and rules for ordinary office renting.


Who Can Rent an Office?


Rented office users can be both native and foreign legal persons. Moreover, the mentioned business concept can satisfy all traditional offices’ criteria, thanks to modern communication and significant technological advancements.


The following could benefit from using virtual office services:

  • New companies just starting on the market,
  • An entrepreneur or a legal person who works exclusively online,
  • A startup that wishes to register the company headquarters in an attractive location,
  • A company that wishes to have an office in Belgrade but it’s based in a different city or state,
  • A legal person with a small number of employees,
  • A legal person with a large number of employees that are territorially far apart (in different parts of a city or other cities).


Advantages of a Virtual Office


Virtual offices offer lots of advantages. They allow their users to make significant savings and cost reductions, whereby they maintain a high level of professionalism. The most important benefits are:




The efficiency of a virtual office is reflected in obtaining an attractive and prestigious address at a price far lower than the rental fee of a business place at the exact location. The money is saved, and savings are accomplished because no additional business expenses create other obligations. Instead, they are utility fees, electricity costs, and all accompanying business costs or rental fees.




Virtual offices are most often located in business areas. Additionally, if a company headquarters is in a popular and busy location, it makes a better impression and creates an image of a serious company. Prestigious and attractive addresses today are pricey and have a key significance in the success of a business. Future and potential clients interested in cooperation pay great attention to that.

Choosing a relevant address in a renowned business area creates a positive impression about your company and grows its reputation.




Registering a company in Belgrade via virtual office increases the chances that the brand will seem professional. A business headquarters address, an official phone number, a website, and a business email address are an ID of a business, which create the whole impression and builds trust.

A virtual office provides a prestigious business address and maintains credibility, whether the business is done from home or elsewhere.


Remote Work


Notably, the modern era has brought more online jobs, where employees don’t have to be in the same place. A virtual office is an ideal business model for a job done online. A company can hire an employee regardless of the location of his residing because he doesn’t have the responsibility of moving to a new city.


Better Productivity


To achieve a successful business, all employees (entrepreneurs and workers) must be motivated and productive. Virtual offices are an ideal solution for increasing satisfaction for many reasons.


The possibility of working from home provides much more time to work. As a result, the employees are well-rested, have more time, and don’t waste commuting, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity during working hours.


Company Registration at the Address of Our Firm


It can be said that virtual offices are an excellent alternative for business starters. By registering the company in Serbia at the address of our bookkeeping agency, you will have a headquarters in one of the most prestigious locations in Belgrade.