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6 reasons to engage reliable accounting firm in Serbia

Sep 24, 2018

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Agencies offer accounting services that are very specific because they demand that the accountant who is doing this job should be educated and proficient. Accountancy is an area that demands extreme accuracy and it is very important to make the right decision and employ an agency that is very proficient in its area.

Professional accounting agency in Belgrade is doing a great job and won’t let you make any mistakes which can cost you your money and nerves. A good accountant will know how to give you advice about how to properly manage business books so that you can do business without any consequences.

A lot of hard work and effort is necessary so that one agency can earn a reputation of a good and reliable agency for managing bookkeeping services in Belgrade and proficient advising.

Law on accounting defines that managing business books can be trusted only to legal persons, or entrepreneurs or economic agencies whose registered activity is to render accounting services. Individual physical persons can’t be employed and it is not possible to sign an employment contract on this base.


When and why to choose outsourced company for accounting in Serbia


Before you start your own company, you should do everything necessary to prepare yourself for a good business start. That is why we advise you to firstly employ an accountant who will present a full range of accounting services in Belgrade, and after that take steps for starting a company. Make esquire in multiple places and talk with different accounting agencies about services that they can offer to you. It is very important to engage with the accounting agencies to which you can trust because they will take care of your finances.

For example, if you are in some kind of specific business that demands a high level of expertise because the area of business demands it, you should entrust your finances to an accounting agency that already has similar clients and experience in the same industry. Or if you do transactions with related parties and form transfer prices, you should find an agency with experience in these areas.

Anyway, it is desirable to have open conversations about your needs and possibilities. You should feel free and ask about advice, or estimation of your future business so that you define what services you offer include. So that you ensure yourself, we advise you to seal the contract about business cooperation and define all your works.

It is a great prejudice that an accountant is a person who counts salaries, taxes, and contributions, collects accounts you bring and books them. On the contrary, he/she is more than that.

Besides the fact that he books all the changes during one month, the accounting agency takes also care that your financial state is always good, especially at the end of the year. A good accountant knows how to advise, what is legal and what is not, and he can tell you everything about your rights and responsibilities. Also, he can help you decrease your expenses.


The characteristics of good accounting agency in Belgrade


An ideal accountant, or reliable accounting agency must have some other characters and because of that it is important for you to make the right decision


1. Focusing on clients


The accounting agency must have a focus on every client with whom they cooperate. This means that it must be dedicated to work with the client and behave in accordance with the signed contract or an oral agreement. The agency understands the needs of its client and the goals he wants to accomplish and observes objectively the traffic on his account.


2. Proficient expressing and the interpreting of law


An experienced accountant knows how to express himself using words from his profession, but also knows on what level he can communicate with his clients. The professional accounting agency deals in accordance with its profession, and when it is necessary adapts to its clients so that they get the simplest and the most understandable solution.

A good accountant educates himself, reads the regulations and knows the law, knows how they are read properly and in what way and in accordance with law valid laws and regulations are used. Through services of legal advising, they can help with all tax problems.


3. Flexibility


Accounting agencies that adapt to new changes and trends show that they are very proficient, very respected and wanted because they prepossess trust to their clients and gives them credit. Typical examples are when it comes to opening a startup, doing business over the Internet and with foreign currencies, than import-export and many others.

The agencies which don’t invest in educating their accounting and tax advisors are not so good choice for your company. Those accountants who invest in their knowledge – who constantly educate and read laws, who are subscribed to scientific magazines, visit seminaries and tax advising – are a good recommendation.


4. Respecting ethical principles


Respecting certain rules of behavior is not just important for you as clients, but also for the accountants. Reliable accounting agencies have created strong integrity, which demands from the employees to respect that rule and behave in accordance with it. Through these agencies gain their client’s trust, which guarantees them they will make the right choice in choosing the agency.

It is important to mention that all the accounting agencies are obliged not to expose confidential data, and keep all the business records secret. The employees in an accounting agency are not allowed to share publicly the information about the details from your business.

We want to add another item, which is very important and on which you have to pay attention when you choose your accounting agency. It is about respecting the law, and the one which respects the law shows a good example. It is important that the agency with which you will work has a good reputation respects the regulations and keep other clients’ business books in accordance with the law.


5. Details orientation


The work of accounting agencies must be correct and precise, and all the data true and relevant. They have to pay attention to the details you point them to because it is the only way for them to help you do your work properly and solve a problem.


6. Efficiency


A good accounting agency must be efficient especially if they have more clients. Every company expects that the accounting agency they hire is efficient, or well-organized, very precise and practical in doing its business and work with a client.

Good organization of time is the key to good work and efficiency of successful accountants because they have to know how to divide their time so that every client can be in their focus.

The best way to ensure yourself and your company is to choose an approved agency which will give you accounting services, understand your needs and possibilities, and then help with advice about your doubt or problem.

If your company is in Belgrade, we advise you to employ an accounting agency from Belgrade. It would be suitable that it is located near your company so that you can save your time and make your job easier.